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At Jayhawk Resources, environmental stewardship is embedded into the planning and execution of every job and process, from exploration through construction and operation to the closure of our sites through reclamation and decommissioning.

Environmental, Social, Governance



Jayhawk strives to innovate towards low/zero carbon forms of energy that are both affordable and accessible to all.  Our goals reflects our commitment to change the way we think and act as an organization in building greater trust and respect within all demographics. Per Jayhawk's Guiding Principles, we will supply energy to the market as environmentally and as socially responsibly as possible.



The Jayhawk Resources Board approves corporate strategies that are intended to build sustainable long-term value including allocating capital for long-term growth and assessing and managing risks.  

Management develops and implements corporate strategy and operates the company’s business under the board’s oversight, with the goal of producing sustainable long-term value creation.

Management, under the oversight of the board and its audit committee, produces financial statements that fairly present the company’s financial condition and results of operations and makes the timely disclosures investors need to assess the financial and business soundness and risks of the company.

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